Tournament Information

You've watched Pro Carrots such as Kujo "Stonehands" Bites, Cep "Slip It In" Diggins, and Mc "Own Goal" Shat compete on the battlefield of Rocket League, and now you can join them! The 2v2 Carrot Cup will be a single-elimination tournament between teams of two players, and is open to participants from the DJPernicus Twitch chat, Smite community, and any friends you want to bring along!

Tournament Setup is as follows:
- Date: Saturday, August 22nd, 8pm EST/5pm PST
- Stream:
- Unofficial Casting Lineup includes LinkyBill, PFChang9, and DJPernicus
- Best of 3 matches, losers are eliminated, championship will be Best of 5
- Seeding will be done randomly after check-ins
- Tournament updates will be emailed to the address provided in registration
- The tournament will hold a maximum of 32 teams on a first come first serve basis depending on when you registered. If a team no-shows we will call for extra teams to substitute, so be sure to show up!


1st Place
- A $10.00 Amazon Gift Card via email per player (2 total), provided by CepDiggins
- A 2015 Tyr Convention Skin per player (2 total), provided by Smike*

2nd Place
- A $5.00 Amazon Gift Card via email per player (2 total), provided by CepDiggins

We will attempt to give prizes to the winners within an hour of the final game.
If you cannot be there to accept your prize we will hold it until a later date.
If you would like to contribute to the prize pool, contact CepDiggins.

* Due to this tweet, we cannot guarantee codes will 100% work, but both codes were not from IEM and should be redeemable.

Sign Up!

Your Team's Name Team Captain (Player 1)'s Name Link to Team Captain (Player 1)'s Steam Profile Player 2's Name Link to Player 2's Steam Profile Team Contact Email Address

The Carrot Cup is brought to you by our Community Members


Check-ins will be held via Teamspeak. Tune in to the tournament's stream at the scheduled time and listen for the announcement that check-ins have started. At this time you will need to connect to our Teamspeak 3 server at and message Cep with your team name.

After check-ins are finished, all no-show teams will be removed and a bracket will be generated randomly. Byes may occur but will be given out randomly. Brackets will be posted on stream and in chat.

Team Captains should remain in their respective Teamspeak channel in order to communicate with other team captains for match setup. You are welcome to use the Teamspeak server as your means of communication with your teammate.


The following rules will help make the tournament go smoother, so please follow them closely!

Useful Links

Pern's Twitch Channel
Pern's Twitter
Rocket League on Steam
Teamspeak 3 Download Page
List of Registered Teams